The Female Pelvis

The floor to your core, and the seat of creation and creativity

How's your creative flow?

The pelvis serves many physical roles and functions in the female body, yet often is neglected in our self care, and looked over as the seat of some of our personal imbalances. On all levels, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and perceptually (cognitively), it is the most frequently out of alignment and balance, which can manifest symptoms on all levels.

Physically the pelvis is a bowl that holds our pelvic organs, and the pelvic floor muscles in particular are often referred to as the floor to the core, as they literally help to hold the contents of the pelvic cavity. Have you every considered the other roles your pelvis serves for you?

The sacral chakra from a yogic perspective is our root, or first chakra. Are you rooted/rooting or uprooted/uprooting? Something to consider. Our chakras are energy centres that simply may be understood as being lined up the spine, our physical backbone and our energy super highway. They lie at different areas along the spine, and are either in a dynamic state of balance or imbalance. The chakras are a system and encompass an integration of physical body structures and organs, emotions, thoughts and spiritual beliefs. When in balance, one could consider the chakra as being in alignment with a balance in and out of energy, and a flow of information.

From a Daoist perspective, the area of the pelvis, including the region of the body between the lower ribs and solar plexus, the navel, pelvic organs, pelvic floor and perineum, is also considered one of three energy centres in the body, and according to this philosophy, considered the awareness mind. The awareness mind that governs the pelvis, this lower centre, is the centre of our will, action, digestion, our awareness rooted in our intuition and instincts. From this perspective, this lower centre that the pelvic bowl is included within, is like a cauldron for cooking energies, mixing and transforming them. When the lower centre is in balance, your life force energy, which is also libidinal energy (sexual-spiritual-creative energy) can flow freely through your middle and upper centers, balancing our energies between our consciousness, insight and intuition, and our instincts (feeling, thought, and action).

A way to check in with your own pelvic alignment in a wholistic way, is in connecting with your creative energy. Taking time to reflect on your balance between work and rest, pushing and allowing, a balance between the masculine and famine energies within you, is a great way to begin. In addition to this, you can connect your inner awareness to your pelvic centre, and ask the following questions, free writing with your pelvis and allowing whatever words or information that arise, to flow and express out and onto your page.

Here are a few guiding curiosities you can ask your pelvis:

  • What emotions are held here?

  • What limitations am I currently experiencing? What strengths or resources do I hold in this area, physical, emotional, spiritual, and perceptual strengths?

  • What beliefs underlie these limitations, and strengths respectively?

  • What may I do or not do, to allow more creative flow into my life?

Yours in flow, Lindsay.