My approach integrates the following

The intention I have through Moving Wisdom Therapies is to support women at any life stage or phase in living with energy and in connection to their innate creative potential 


Pilates is a philosophy that was developed by Joseph Pilates. Out of this philosophy, Joseph created a diverse repertoire of movements designed to train the mind and body together with conscious awareness, the use of precision and controlled integration of the breath and movement together, which he originally called "Contrology".


The Pilates approach integrates breath, awareness of the body in dynamic alignment while moving through various planes of motion that mimic our movement patterns in life and help to develop balance, symmetry and integration in the body various systems (skeletal, muscular, ligamentous and fascial, organ, fluid, nervous and endocrine system).


I am a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher with the NCPT (previously called the PMA), and am classically trained, with my teachers having all been trained with first and second generation Pilates students of Joseph Pilates.



Soma means body and relates to the physical, emotional, and imaginal bodily experience we hold as humans. Somatic Movement Therapy is a process-orientated approach that is centered on the exploration of the deeper connections to oneself and one's connection to others and the world around, where the integration of the self and one's connection with the world around is strengthened and deepened. The connections developed and the process of integration allows for the possibility of healing, balance, and enhanced creative expression.


I draw from a variety of somatic modalities and methods in my work, however, my somatic approach weaves together anatomical and kinesiological knowledge and developing body awareness through movement, hands-on teaching, and the use of touch, voice, imagery, and conscious mindful awareness.


Embodiment is a product of a somatic approach where the ability to listen to the messages of the body and one's own intuition, is strengthened, and one's capacity to respond in connection to these messages is developed. By becoming more presently attuned to our body's messages and intuitive wisdom, we can become more aligned and alive and able to bring this energy into all aspects of our life.



I am trained as a Counselling Therapist, Psychotherapist, and Integrative Coach. Psychotherapy and the Counselling process allows me to support the client in deeper healing of emotional challenges, grief and loss, and experiences of trauma and stress. Coaching differs slightly in that we are often looking at creating balance in the various areas of life, and working from an approach where a growth mindset and resilience can be fostered through elevating our self-awareness and getting clear with aligning our desires with our actions. Both processes, whether more therapeutic in terms of Psychotherapy or more action-focused with Coaching, rely on engaging a similar process of self-discovery, transformational learning and development, and cultivating resilience.


Simply stated, Psychotherapy is more past focused and depth-oriented, and Coaching is more present and future-focused. Together, the strands of life can be weaved together to create a life that has more fullness, life, and meaning, and we can create and manetize and amplify our creative abilities from this more resilient and expanded place of being in connection to our potentials and gifts and our creative vision for our lives.

My approach as an Integrative Coach and Psychotherapist is to offer the supportive conditions from which an individual may engage in a process of self-discovery (physically, perceptually, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, and creatively), meaning-making and ultimately with a transformational learning process where one may integrate areas of disconnection; deal with conflict; connect with one's inner potential and outer resources; experience congruency between thoughts, feelings, and actions, while tapping into their creativity to birth the life one desires to live!


My philosophy is very much rooted in the belief that everyone possesses an inner potential and the wisdom that this potential provides is all an individual needs to heal and grow, and finding ways to connect to this potential is key to our holistic development across the lifespan. Living in fullness means engaging life in connection to what we know, and whom we authentically are, living in harmony, and with passion. I like to bring a healthy dose of curiosity, play, and humor to both my life and to my work! I think these are two essential ingredients (in addition to love) to living a full and meaningful life, and I look forward to supporting you in your journey to living a life of fullness and with the energy and passion to do so!