Counselling Therapy &  Coaching 


where you are


personal transformation
  • heal past traumatic experiences trauma and the imprint of trauma within the nervous system

  • listen to and understand your body messages and your own window of tolerance 

  • learn to relax, realign, and restore your energy

  • deepen your embodiment

  • tap into your creative power




unleash your creative contributions into the world
  • connect to your feminine power and strengthen a connection with your intuition and inner wisdom

  • listen to and understand your body messages and your own window of tolerance 

  • increase your capacity to be presently aware and attuned, and mindfully

  • tap into your potential as a women

  • learn how to bring your full self and your innate gifts to your professional life

  • learn how to create healthy patterns, behaviors, and relationships 

  • create goals with soul




manifest your deepest yearnings
  • learn how to attune to yourself, to your needs and desires

  • develop fierce self-compassion 

  • explore and create a self-care ritual that is unique to you

Bloom, where you are planted and thrive connected to your roots of potential 


A 60-minute private coaching and psychotherapy session is $170 +gst

Sessions are customized to your individual needs and offered through online video conference.

My approach as an integrative counselling therapist and coach is to offer the supportive conditions from which an individual may engage in a process of self-discovery and meaning-making; to integrate areas of disconnection; deal with conflict; connect with one's inner potential and outer resources; experience congruency between thoughts, feelings, and actions; and generally speaking, to uncover, discover, or recover, connections to one's own innate potential for healing and learning.


A universal goal of integrative counselling therapy is to improve or restore a client’s functioning and his or her sense of personal well-being, in addition to individually specific therapeutic goals defined by each client and their presenting situation, needs, and interests.

I do not directly bill for sessions: Please check with your provider. Each insurance policy and professionals covered under each policy vary.


 Clients also may choose to use Health Spending accounts or “Health Technologies Not Otherwise Specified” to cover sessions with me if available through your specific employer’s plan.


After your session you will be provided with a receipt that includes my designation and registration number:

  • CCPA: Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC) #4609

  • CATA: Professional Certified Art Therapist (CATA-PAT) #12625195

  • Keep your receipts as these can be kept for your records for income tax purposes.