True to my nature and authentic. My work is an extension of myself. My passion is in facilitating other women along their unique life paths, in living authentically, and in harmony with one's own spirit.


 Living with passionate integrity, mindful presence, and being open to learning along the path of life, are fundamentally important in moving our way through our journeys with grace and ease.


To engage life wholly is what my work aims to foster, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and creatively!


The way I facilitate allows for the wisdom within each unique individual, to guide the way towards living life with meaning and purpose.

Movement and the body are key ways into experiencing the wisdom we hold within and open a doorway to engaging in processes of aligning ourselves on all levels. Learn to listen to the messages of your body, integrate your intuition, and relax, realign and renew yourself.


"Lindsay's passion for supporting other women is palpable. She has a sense of humour and humility that can light up and disarm anyone".


"Her innate intuitive sense strongly guides her in her life and through her work"


"She has a passion for living life, learning, creativity, expression and sharing. She has a curiosity towards hidden meaning and is inspired by all things in the natural world"


Client Testimonials


My path began in the realm of exercise therapy and movement and has since evolved to include training and experience within the realms of various somatic movement therapy practices, counselling psychology, art and expressive therapies, and spirituality.


I hold an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology with an Adapted Physical Activity and Wellness Specialization from the University of Alberta and am a certified personal trainer with the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology. In addition to this, I hold various professional certifications and training, within the movement forms and practices of pilates, yoga, and breathwork, hypopressives and low-pressure fitness, pelvic floor health, laban bartenieff movement fundamentals, movement repatterning, as well as somatic resourcing, human sexuality, and lifespan development.


In addition to this I am a Canadian Certified Counselling Therapist and Professionally Certified Art Therapist, and have completed a Masters Degree in Psychotherapy & Spirituality from St. Stephen's College, with post-graduate work through the Tamalpa Institute of California, the University of Santa Barbara, and the University of Calgary.


 I have a keen interest and focus in areas of positive psychology and neuroplasticity, feminine power & embodiment, somatic psychology, movement, dance, and the expressive arts for healing, and in areas specific to the primal period of life which includes, pre-conception, pregnancy, birth, attachment, and the early developing years of life, and how experiences during this period imprint the limbic brain with a template for love, care, and intimacy and influences the nervous system, and how we develop into ourselves as an adult, shaping our relationships to our bodies, hearts, minds, and ultimately influencing how to relate to others and the world. 

I am a life long learner and passionate about supporting others in their own unique learning-healing-development journeys.